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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Results of Metabolic Test

Yesterday I got my metabolic test done. It was a fairly typical procedure where they calibrate a bike on a computrainer, slap on a crazy breathing apparatus to measure your air intake and expenditure, as well as its composition. They also provided with me with a standard HR monitor strap.

Something like this:

They gave me 15minutes to warm up with about 100watts of resistance and also took some base HR measurements.

The test started soon after and consisted of me being required to spin a cadence of 90rpm. The wattage I was required to push was upped every 2-3 minutes. The maximum the test is allowed to go is 25 minutes due to the fact that dehydration can have an effect on the results after that.

The first 15 minutes were pretty straightforward and uneventful. The wattages were insignificant and I wasn't breathing too hard. However, it began to get difficult soon after. By minute 20 I was working hard, and by minute 22 I was barely hanging on. At minute 24, my cadence began to falter and i was struggling to breathe, so they cut the test.

The actual follow up by the metabolic doctor is on Tuesday, but I was able to get a print out of the raw numbers.

My VO2 max is 65ml/kg/min. I was happy with that, since I know VO2 max improvements are generally limited on trained athletes. That being said, I am trying to determine if my weight loss will affect the equation since the divisor 'kg' equates to body weight. Hypothetically, if I were to get around 145lbs, it would equate to a VO2 max of 71.

My anaerobic threshold has improved tremendously. Last I was tested my AT was at 73% of a VO2max of 64. This time it was 85% of a VO2 max of 65. Very good improvement. It should be noted that the last time I was tested, I was a competitive top 10 sport rider, now based on speculation, I am a bottom of the pack pro/elite rider.

My lactate threshold will be determined on Tuesday.


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