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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

LT Testing, Power Testing. HR Testing.

This weekend I have a performance test scheduled with The Peak Center in Burlington. The test will take about an hour and will evaluate a few key factors.

1) VO2 max: Your bodies ability to effectively process oxygen. The higher the better. Generally athletes capable of performing at the elite level will possess a VO2 max of 70 or greater. Of course, VO2 max isn't the end all for determining performance. It is merely an indicator of what potential the athlete may have.

Last time I was tested (2006) I scored a VO2 of 64. I am hoping that this number will have improved slightly, given the fact that I am doing much more riding now than back then.

2) Lactate Threshold: The maximum at which your body can perform before lactic acid accumulates.

Last time I was tested, I scored an LT of 73% of my VO2 max. Given the base training and threshold training I have done in the past. I would like to see this figure close to 80%

3)Critical Power: The maximum sustained power for "x" units of time. A power profile can be derived from this test. It will indicate where you are strongest and where you are weakest. A sprinter will generally have very high power scores during shorter intervals, while they may be below average during the longer intervals. Conversely, an endurance athlete will generally have poor power output during short intervals, while they will have relatively high power output during long intervals.

A power profile will show what I need to work on most, to improve my performance. Last time I was tested, I was racing sport class, and my numbers were adequate. For Elite, I should expect significant improvement in all areas in order to be able to hold my own.


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