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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hello World.

Welcome to my foray into the world of internet psychological tactical race warfare.

From here I can mess with my competitions game. I can describe my 'weaknesses' and 'strengths' with the hopes that my competitors will read this and adjust their strategy accordingly.


Rider 'x' reads my latest post where I state that my climbing power needs work and I fear for the upcoming hilly race.(Despite the fact that I can push 800watts for 11hours) So come race day, Mr. X decides he's going to attack on the big hill. However, I pace match him. So he pushes harder; into the red zone and cracks. Meanwhile I cruise by as Mr.X screams in pain as a cramp causes his leg to seize, rendering him pack fodder. Aaron: 1, Rider: 0

That being said, I will actually post some valid information on here.

or will I???

Oh.. and thanks to Steph for the Photo in the blog title.



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