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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Goals 2010

First of all, a little about me.

Ive been racing since 2001, but have only stepped up to serious racing in the last 5-6 years.

I raced Senior expert last year with mixed results. A couple top 10's and a whole lot of DNF's. That being said, I did earn the upgrade points necessary to move up to Pro.

So my goal for 2010 is to start in Pro/Elite (MTB-XC) and not finish last.

Ive got a comprehensive lactate/power/blood test coming up in two weeks that will really isolate my weaknesses and help focus my training a bit more. Ive also got a Powertap coming which will once again help the training experience. Not to say I NEED these things to be competitive in pro, but they certainly help if you're a number junkie like me.

As it stands prior to the test, I know there are a few things i need to fix before the end of April.

1- Im 5'8 and 160lbs.
I know for sure that I am carrying an extra 10-15lbs I dont need. In a sport based entirely on power to weight. An extra 10lbs makes a huge difference. Through some watt/kg models ive done, Ive determined that losing 10lbs would put me in the realm of podiuming consistently in senior expert; which can be interpreted as being able to hold your own in Elite.

This extra weight is entirely due to the fact that I eat like a pig. I love anything thats baked and I rarely eat things that come from a garden. As of two weeks ago Ive been watching EVERY thing I eat per day. With the help of this website:


Its not 100% accurate, so dont dwell on the numbers too much. The most important thing is that it forces you to think about what you're eating.

2- My Endurance needs work. I can do the expert race distance (32-40km) comfortably, but I fear that I cannot do the extra lap. Especially at the ungodly pace that the elite boys go at.

Ive been on top of my base training for the first time ever this year. Typically in the past, my base training would consist of one 3hr ride in December and then I'd jump into stuff with a bit more intensity. This is because going at base training pace for more than an hour is soooo boring. This time around, Ive kept myself busy with long movies, company of others etc. This has ensured that Ive put in a decent amount of base training which i hope will benefit me.

3- Lastly, Muscular endurance. In order to be in elite, you HAVE to have top end power. No amount of endurance or weight loss will save you. You have to grind it out, pumping insane watts for short, medium and long periods of time. Put simply, you have to be fast.

So those are my three main goals as of now. After talking to the place that I am getting tested at, I will have a better idea on what to work on.


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