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Monday, February 22, 2010

Eating Healthy March Edition.

As mentioned in my post "Goals 2010", one of my main goals is to drop some weight. Im currently around 160lbs on a 5'8 frame. I can stand to lose about 10-15lbs of body fat, which will take me to around 8-10%bf.

For me the biggest obstacle has been eating too many starchy based foods, too many strips of bacon, too many donuts.

For March I have put forth a goal to drop 10lbs. It will be tough being in the midst of a build cycle, and will require very meticulous analysis of my food intake so as to make sure I am not stressing my body. Having the goal of increasing power while dropping weight is VERY difficult since proper muscular development requires an ample source of nutrients and weight loss requires a caloric deficit.

The plan is to make sure there is generous protein intake for muscle and tissue development. Generous fruit and vegetable intake so that nutrient and vitamin requirements are covered. Lastly, there will be heavily moderated carbohydrate sources.

The quantity of carbohydrate consumed will be adequate for exercise and training, and no more. The type of carbohydrate being consumed is the most important part. Slow absorbing, gradual burn carbs are the name of the game. This generally means no corn based or refined flour based bread/dishes. No white rice. No potatoes. No Pizza Hut.

I will be eating brown rice, sweet potatoes, rye bread etc. in regulated portions. I've been living out of a measuring cup for the last couple weeks, so this should be a pretty easy transition.

Cycling is all power to weight. It costs you about 2 watts for every lb you carry up hill. If you can eliminate 10 lb of fat, that 20 more watts you can use to reel in that breakaway.

10 lbs may not sound like alot, but to quantify it, here's an example.


Two riders.
A is 75kg

B is 70kg

Rider A is putting out 275watts (their LT) on a 7% grade.

Rider B
is putting out 275watts (also their LT)on a 7% grade.

All things being equal, Rider B will pull away at about half a meter for every 10m traveled. Extrapolated, that is about a 2 minute lead after 10km.

In order to compete with rider B, rider A will have to increase their power output by approximately 20 watts simply to match rider B.

Rider A, is doing more work, is beyond LT, only to be equal pace with rider B.

Small numbers add up quickly.


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