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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 2, Georgia. Much better.

Due to the weather being still close to zero, we decided to opt for a shorter route at a lower elevation.

We ended up doing a 60km route that lacked any big hills. However, there was still close to 900m of climbing, dispersed across short punchy climbs that resembled Ontario riding. This was good for me. Up until now, Mike had been hanging me out to dry on the hills. His power output is fairly close to mine, but he is 6'4" and weighs 15lbs less than me. Naturally, he loves climbs.

Our route this time hardly had sustained climbs. The short climbs were better suited for a sprinter or power rider. This favored me and there was no hanging out to dry.


The weather was much better than yesterday, and frostbite was nowhere to be found. Tomorrow we have a bigger ride planned in the region of 120k with close to 2000m of climbing. Should be good. On another note, i wish they had a scale here. With all the riding and lack of donuts, im sure ive dropped some pounds.

Tonight we're gonna scour the town for a pub with some live music. Maybe ill have a salad and a club soda =(

Also, I have leads on a job in Santa Cruz, California. Gonna do some more investigation on that and see what comes of it.


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